Safety Password

Safety Password is an easy to use and light weight password management software program. You can use this tool to create, manage or save all the passwords in a single or multiple files as you wish!

Create password

Click on first icon from the left then enter how many password’s characters you wish to generate, for example 12. You need to enter the username and website as well or else the password will not save.

Show Password

Click on the second icon from the left and select any website you wish to view the username and password from then click ok.

Export password

Click on icon number 3 from the left and then select a folder where you want the text file to export to.

Search Password

Click on icon number 4 from the left then enter any search term into the text box below. Click on the icon again to do the search. The search term you enter is the name of a website. If you only enter half of the name because you forget the rest of it then the closest passwords will show up for you to choose from.

Export password in pickle file format

Pickle file is the one uses by this software to read password, if you want to transfer your password file to another computer and use it later then use this feature to export the file in pickle format. Click on icon number 6 from the left then select the destination folder to export the file in pickle format to. Remember to always save a copy of your password file in else wehere with either in the pickle format or in text format so you won’t loss your password data in the future.

If you want to send password to your friend then use this feature as well to create a copy of the pickle file and send through email. After your friend has received your file he or she will use this same software to open the password up with the next feature I am going to talk about in a moment. It is always a lot more safer to send file through pickle instead of human readable format.

Read the content of Pickle file

Click on icon number 5 from the left then select the pickle file. You will always select Password.pickle which is the pickle file you have just exported!

Delete password from a website

Click on icon number 7 then select a website which you wish to delete the password from.

Download Safety Password and create powerful password data base now!

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