Total Utilities Manager

Welcome to the official page of Total Utilities Manager. Total Utilities Manager is a lightweight file management software written in python 2.7 and runs on the 32 bit windows (7/8) OS. Although Total Utilities Manager has been developed on windows 8 (without touch screen) but it can also be used on windows 7 as well (if you have any problem running it on windows 7 or windows 8 then please let me know). Below are those functions offer by the Total Utilities Manager and the tutorial on how to use them, hope you enjoy the software.


1) Assigning a name to a folder and then save the setting for later user

When you associated a name with a particular folder path on your laptop, you have actually created an address on the RAM which pointed to the path of that folder every time you start the application. What this feature does is to help you easily located a particular folder on your desktop or laptop so you do not need to browse with the windows file explorer every time you need to get to that folder. Here are the steps you need to do in order to associate a name with a folder.

1) Check on the Associate check box as shown above then input a name to the folder you want to associate with to the second text box of the application.
2) Select a folder on your desktop or laptop which you wish to associate with the above name using the browse folder button beside the third text box as shown above.
3) Then click on the Associate button to save the setting.

You can create as many names as you wish, there is no limit on how many names you can associate with a folder.

2) View the file inside a folder

After you have associated a folder with a name, you can then browse to it by first checked on the Associate check box and then select a name associate with that folder you have created from the combo box and click on the browse button next to that box; you can then select any file you wish to open and then right click on that file with the mouse to select the open command from the pop up context menu and open up the file.

Fast File Manager

3) Delete the associated name

This process will not delete the actual folder on your laptop but just the name which associates to it. With a name selected on the combo box and the Associate box checked; click on the delete button to delete the name which you want to delete.

4) File transfer from one folder to another

Checked on the Transfer File check box. Select the new destination folder where the file is going to from the third text box and browse to a file with the browse button beside the second text box ; then click on the Transfer button to transfer that file to a new location and that is it!

5) Copy file from one folder to another

The procedure is almost the same as the previous one except this time you will copy the file instead of transfer it. Checked on the Copy File check box. Select the new destination folder where the file is going to from the third text box and browse to a file with the browse button beside the second text box ; then click on the Copy button to copy that file to the new location.

6) Delete Duplicate File

This feature will help you to delete a single duplicate file from a folder. Here are the steps to delete the duplicate file.

1) Checked the first check box from the left.
2) Next select the duplicate file you wish to delete from the second input box by browse through the folder which contains that file in it.
3) Then select the folder where you want to search for the duplicate file from the third input box.
4) Next click on the Remove button to delete that duplicate file.
5) If there is no duplicate file in that folder then this program will ignore your command or else it will delete that file and shows you the file has been deleted message.

* You need to select the specific folder which you want to remove the files from or search for files to be removed, the Document Root folder won’t work!


As you can see Total Utilities Manager is actually helping us to easily manage the files and folders on our 32 bit windows OS. If you got question then please write to me through email.